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Handling Body Changes

Feeling moody? Uneasy and restless? Hold your painkillers, I know exactly what those dreaded cramps feel like. Period cramps hurt so badly because the uterus contracts to expel the blood lining, the hormone, prostaglandin, is very much involved in this process and along with inflammation triggers the uterine muscle contractions.

This is a low-level form of pain experienced in childbirth, but that doesn’t mean it’s not painful! It is but understanding the science behind it may help us to accept our bodies more and understand the changes our delicate, lovely body goes through.

The sad hormone, in layman terms, called serotonin, plays with our minds during our periods, it fluctuates which causes us to have unreasonable anger, sadness and melancholy. But where there’s a will, there’s a way to handle our dreadful pain.

Regular exercise regulates the blood flow and smoothens the process, small frequent meals help a lot as you might not feel bloated, giving the body more time to digest food. Caffeine, alcohol, and sweets do feel good initially, but they are also linked with creating a restless mind which might worsen the situation, we might feel more pain than present.

Finally, stress management is another key to a solution to every problem! Stress produces the hormone called cortisol which wreaks havoc on the pituitary brain which controls the ovary functions causing irregular periods. These are the small ways to uplift your mood during menstruation. Try these and who knows you might not even know when your period started as you didn’t even feel that pain!

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