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The Focus of Our Efforts



Hygiene is Health

Flow & Glow is a start-up project by TAD. It aims to end period poverty by providing access to eco-friendly and affordable sanitary products. Its resolution is to promote better health and hygiene equitably.  Flow & Glow hires women in the sales and production of sanitary products.



The Approach

Menstruation continues to be a “taboo” due to which accessing menstrual hygiene products is inconvenient. Flow & Glow aims to create a network by which menstruators can access hygiene products. Flow & Glow intends to generate awareness on menstruation by employing women in the production and sales of sanitary products. It denounces the stigmas around menstruation and associates bleeding as a prominent matter.

Interested in joining our cause?


A survey conducted by the activity team of TAD among women aged under 30 shows the percentage of women and their preference of sanitary product.


Sanitary Napkin


Menstrual Cup




The interviewees responses are recorded by the co-activity manager of TAD, Ishrita Gandhi who spoke to women from different backgrounds and age set.

Mein bachpan se hi kapda use karti aayi hoon, thode saal pehle meine pad bhi try kiya lekan mereko kapda hi pasand hai. Jahan pe mein kaam karti hoon, wahi ki madam ne mereko cloth pad bhi try karwaya aur woh accha tha. Ab mein apna kapada bhi aur madam ne jo cloth pad diya tha woh bhi kabhi kabhi use karleti hoon.

Noor Bano (Age: 24, Profession: House Helper and Cook)

The first and only products I have used are sanitary napkins because that’s the only product my mom used so she introduced me to them. When I had just started, I didn’t know about tampons and cups. I’m open to using them now but I’m afraid I might be uncomfortable with them. I like pads both because of comfort and convenience.

Stuti Mehrotra  (Age: 18, Profession: College Student)

First time mein, on the spot I didn’t have any products at home, and my mom also wasn’t home. So because of that, my Dadi gave me a cloth to wear. Thereafter, I used sanitary pads, I’ve tried a menstrual cup also, it’s comfortable yes, but I feel it’s not very convenient while traveling, etc., so I use pads and tampons. I have accessibility to all these products but in my personal opinion, pads work best for me.

Parul Singh (Age: 31, Profession: Working)

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