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How to ask for pads, not in a shy way

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Introduction and covering our bases

Let’s start with the basics of menstruation. Most girls start menstruating during adolescence,

which is the period when a child's body transitions from that of a kid to that of a young adult and undergoes a series of physical and emotional changes. It's very common to have your period between 11 and 15yrs, as everyone will have their pattern. We've put up a handy guide to assist you in navigating the adjustments that your body is undergoing. When you menstruate, often known as getting your period, blood and uterine tissue flow from your vagina. It happens once a month on average.

Talking about it

Now that we have covered our bases, it is time to answer the most common question, “How do you ask for a pad without being shy or embarrassed?”. As you grow older, you will have no difficulty in asking your peers for borrowing a pad or a tampon and surely realise that your

periods are natural and nothing to be ashamed of. However, if you are an 11-14 year-old reading this then you are probably at a stage in your life where you are already anxious about the changes that are happening in your body that asking for a pad or tampon can also be a great source of anxiety for you. Let’s discover how to ask for a pad without feeling shy or embarrassed.

Learning how to ask

The smart thing for you to avoid asking for a pad is to take your own in the first place but if you somehow forget yours at home then a tip for you is to keep a pad in your bag at all times. Asking for a pad can seem intimidating but I can guarantee that the girl you are asking understands your situation. You can go up to the person and just ask “Hey, could I talk to you for a moment” and tell her that you have started your periods and if she could lend you a pad or a tampon if she has one. Another way of doing this is, going to the bathroom straight away and asking there because it avoids the uncomfortable situation of having men around you.

Again, there is nothing wrong with you and there is nothing to worry about. Every girl you ask will understand your situation and try to help you as much as she can.

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