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Toxic Shock Syndrome and Proper Usage of Menstrual Products

There is a constant line of advertisements and media engagement when it comes to the promotion of numerous menstrual products. All of them have something different that they offer and a very pleasing appeal. Products like tampons promise to mediate menstrual cramps and some like cups ensure reusability. Through this immediate and unstoppable supply and trend for these products, how is one to choose and more importantly how is one not supposed to do harm to herself while using these? This is a question of significance since in a country like India where periods are a taboo, improper disposition regarding the products can cause a lot more damage than which can be anticipated.

Toxic shock syndrome is usually considered to be life threatening. It is a compilation of bacterial infections which can severely affect our immunity. Along with several others, usage of superabsorbent tampons by women is an excessively crucial factor which can cause this syndrome. It has also been connected to menstrual cups. There are bacteria present already in the vagina and the use of these products can cause them to grow and release toxins in the body. The fact that tampons stick to the walls of the vagina can also cause chaffing and contribute to it. Similarly, the use of pads for an exceptionally long time can also cause bacterial growth and infections as well as irritation. Every period instrument comes with a con to its pro. But they are not unavoidable. Frequently changing the products and immediate visit to the doctor if in doubt about any symptoms are the best ways of prevention. Moreover, washing hands before inserting them and using intimate washes can also help us maintain hygiene and use the products hassle free.

There is a prioritizing need to assuage the growing ignorance regarding these products. The media fails to do this, and we shall take it upon our own hands to be smart and spread awareness in the right opportunities. For young girls, conversation with a female adult before using them is better than relying on media or the internet. Let’s not lose to improper media and advertisements and take care of ourselves!

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